Taylor Willis Team Celebrate 173 Queen Headquarters 1st birthday

Mar 30, 2016

Life is a journey. Enjoy every mile. Happy Birthday 173 Queen!

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Gold Coast CBD-Karaoke Hub to ‘tune-up’ Southport

Nov 12, 2015

Taylor Willis Town Planners have successfully managed a development application and secured an approval to convert an existing 2-storey commercial building into a Karaoke function centre. As the site is located within the Southport PDA Chinatown area the application raised some unexpected issues with the Council. These included factors such as extended trading hours, waste disposal, public security, liquor licensing and acoustic treatments. The Planning Department of Gold Coast City Council however worked hand in hand with its Health and Regulatory Section and Waste Management to contribute their overall support to ensure a workable approval. Southport City Councillor Dawn Crichlow undertook a site visit to the building and stated “Karaoke is going to be a big thing in Southport and we want people to come into here, eat at the restaurants and go out to sing and be entertained afterwards.” She said. “I understand a lot of people from China or other Asian regions like to do business in Karaoke rooms so this could also benefit the area.” Gold Coast Tourism boss Paul Donovan agreed with Cr Crichlow “The up-level Chinese business operators want a top-level place to go and do Karaoke on the Gold Coast”. The exterior and interior designs have been influenced by Chinese experts in the industry. On completion, it will be the city’s largest Karaoke bar and the owners are looking forward to welcoming its first group of singers within the next 6 months.

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Taylor Willis collaborating on first-of-its-kind Small lot housing project

Jul 16, 2015

Taylor Willis Town Planners have been collaborating with degenhartSHEDD architecture on a first-of-its-kind small lot housing project for the Gold Coast. We have successfully managed the approval of nine (9) 60sq.m-80sq.m freehold lots within the CBD of Southport. Each freehold lot has an approved terrace dwelling, with the developer selling the product as house + land packages. There is no requirement for a body corporate. Director Taylor Willis Town Planners, Nicole Willis says "The Southport PDA has no minimum lot sizes or density restrictions so we saw this as an opportunity to deliver a new form of housing for the Gold Coast. Historically, this form of housing has not been permitted by the planning scheme, with many attempt by other planning firms to get this type of DA approved. The draft City Plan 2015, once adopted, will allow this development type to be rolled out in medium density and high density zoned parcels of land throughout the city." Please contact us should you be interested in achieving a development outcome of small lot housing.

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MEDIA COVERAGE: Planning for future gives Nicole shot at landing another top award

Jun 1, 2015

Taylor Willis Town Planners Director Nicole Willis has been nominated in the 2015 Women in Business Awards. The announcement was made at the launch of the awards program yesterday, with the winner of the awards program to be celebrated in October 2015. Nicole is thrilled at the opportunity to continue to showcase the value that urban planning delivers for the community. "There are so many hardworking planners within the private and public sectors that don't get the recognition they deserve. Planners make city-shaping decisions on a regular basis and with all the external pressures it is challenging. But with professionalism and collaboration our city will continue to mature into a new age world class city".

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